Winter’s War – Chapter 3

Writers Note: 

Last time on Winter’s War: Travis’ heated exchange with Lazlo ends in a catastrophic crash at the bottom of the stairs at school. Chester waits patiently for his return, but a small boy can only be patient for so long…

Chester placed one foot in front of the other bit by bit; dreading every corner; jumping at every sound. Each second that advanced was another fit for a beating by Lazlo.

Travis should be here by now, he thought to himself. Maybe Lazlo- maybe Travis is hurt! MAYBE I’M NEXT!

“Um, Travis? whe- Were ar- AH!” He retreated a few steps, preparing to dash to the nearest hiding place. The approacher came into view.

“Oh principal Jones,  it’s you!”

 Chester wiped the sweat from his face, letting out a nervous sigh.

Ms. Mary Jones, the school principal, had on many occasions caught Lazlo in his devious acts red-handed. However, she unfortunately lacked the fortitude to correct him, with every measure to straighten him out resulting in a complete failure. Lazlo’s  parents made no effort- always justifying his wrong doings. Nevertheless, though a difficult task, Ms. Jones did her best to keep smiles on the faces of the students.

Ms. Jones’ presence and warm countenance never failed to soothe Chester’s rejected, lonely heart. 

“Oh Ches…ter, why aren’t you in class?” She questioned. 

His face reddened, “Class?  Oh class! Yea recess does end!”

 “Yes, and it just did.” The principal chuckled, glancing at her watch.

 “Ok hurry off to class now, I have some business to take care of.” 

“Ok, thank you Mrs. Jones!” Chester replied, turning to leave, ignorant of the fact that this business had a lot to do with his friend Travis.

As Ms. Jones vanished around the corner, Chester’s confidence also vanished. So resumed the painful anticipation and fear. The hallways were all empty, and Chester greatly disliked being alone. 

Chester should have been used to the loneliness  by now, with his dad gone, and mother in a constant struggle to put food on the table. After school he often sat at home by himself, shivering under a tattered,  brown blanket in his cold, dark house, as he watched each tick of the old grandfather clock. The embarrassment of his situation had erected a wall between himself and any assistance; nobody knew- not even Travis.

“Just a few more steps!” 

The sight of the classroom door paused Chesters thoughts. He was delighted at the sight and rejoiced internally- it was the minuscule things that made him glad. But as Chester reached for the classroom doorknob, a horrific sight cut his actions short. He leapt straight off his feet, his heart galloped in his chest like a runaway horse, perspiration  flowed down his brow like a mighty waterfall. He was petrified.


But wait -something was different- something was very different. He was made to seem… helpless! The same boy who had teased Chester to the point of tears; the same boy who had caused him to fear every school day; the same boy who had beaten him on innumerable occasions…was on a stretcher ?!?!

 Chester didn’t know how to feel: Happy? Sad? Worried? He just stood there, shaking, watching the pair of paramedics wheel the motionless form around the corner.  

After a long moment of staring at the path where the paramedics had gone, Chesters muscles relaxed. Travis must be in here, he thought, pushing on the classroom door…

Writers Note: 

Happy New Year Guidesters!

I hope you enjoyed chapter three and that it was worth the wait!

Find out more in chapter four of Winter’s War!

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Winter’s War – Chapter 3

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