Winter’s War – Chapter 2

Writers Note: 

Last time on Winter’s War: Travis is struggling with a ruthless bully named Lazlo.

Travis’ dad always told him to ‘turn the other cheek’ — the Christian thing to do – but today? 

The incident began at recess. A group of boys gathered in the hallway — most of them victims of torture by the infamous school bully.

Chester Harris — a small, cowardly boy — was among the bunch. His physical traits were constantly remarked on by Lazlo. Chester was deeply terrified by him. His dark eyes always quivered with fear each time Lazlo walked anywhere near. 

 Seeking personal protection, Chester consistently hung around Travis, and over the years they became great friends.

The small kid stood among the boys, looking up into their faces, unnoticed.

  After a lengthy debate on what game to play, basketball was reluctantly chosen. 

“Uh, Where’s the ball?” Chester queried, peering over his oversized round glasses. No one answered; it was as if he hadn’t spoken. Turning to Travis, his only friend, he whispered, “Do you have a ball?”

“No worries Chester, I have one in my locker.” Travis replied cheerfully, “Give me a second.” 

Arriving at his locker, Travis roughly opened the door, blindly reached in and grabbed the first object that he felt.

“Grrr-o-o-o-ss! a banana peel!?” Suddenly, the basketball, which had been leaning on the locker door, rolled out and bounced its way to the nearby staircase. “Please don’t roll down, please don’t roll down!” Travis held his breath.

 Just then a set of hands saved the ball from its near doom.


  “Don’t look at me Travy boy, those eyes are not worthy to gaze into such a-”

 “Lazlo, give me my ball!” 

“Hey, hey, hey!” Lazlo responded, his voice dripping with a condescending tone, “You’re not going to thank me, not even a hug? I saved your ball, you know.” 

His eyes lit up with an idea, much to Travis’ dismay. 

By now Travis was steaming, his fists clenched into tight knots.

Lazlo bounced the ball repeatedly on the ground, snatching it back each time Travis lunged to recover it. “I know, just to thank me for the rescue of this ball, you can, no – you will, give me this ball as a way to show me your gratitude!” His voice ended in a sickening sing – song note. 

“NO! Just give me my ball back!”

 Lazlo smiled, his eyebrows arched over his eyes in an evil manner as he tightened his grip on the basketball. 

“Thanks for the ball, Travy boy!” Lazlo turned to leave, sporting a smirk of victory.


 “That’s it!” Travis yelled. 

He was tired of the web that Lazlo had woven around the entire school; he was tired of the teasing and beatings; he was tired of the stealing. Maybe his dad was wrong. Maybe turning the other cheek wasn’t the best way to deal with Lazlo.

 It was time to put an end to this. Now.

“You’re going to have to go through me first!” Travis challenged, running to stand between Lazlo and the stairs.

Lazlo wasn’t smiling anymore.

“That’s easy!” He shouted, pushing Travis out of the way.

Travis threw the first punch. There was a short exchange. Travis was promptly left on the ground.

Lazlo was just too strong to beat.

He proceeded to walk away, when, in the blink of an eye, Travis sprung off the ground. Fueled by pure rage, he pushed Lazlo with all the strength in him, hollering “NOT TODAY LAZLO!” at the top of his lungs. The tyrant  was thrown off his feet as he let out a cry of fear for the first time in a while. He flew down the first flight of stairs, appearing  as if he would have taken off into space, were it not for the wall. SMASH! The loud sound echoed throughout the school. THUMP! Lazlo landed hard on his leg. CRACK! The sickening sound made Travis wince.

 Then came the eerie silence.    

Writers Note:

 What was Travis’s punishment? How was he caught?

And what happened to Lazlo?! Find out in the chapters to come!

Meanwhile, what do you think about Travis’ decision to fight Lazlo? Tell me in the comments below!




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Winter’s War – Chapter 2

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