Winnifred of Matvia Character List

everyone! I’m very sorry for not posting more regularly! I’ve been collecting a
bit of research for this story while brushing up on my writing skills. Here is
a, “cast list,” of a few main characters from Winnifred of Matvia. As always, I
would appreciate your feedback for this story!


funny, intelligent girl of sixteen-years-old who is struggling against the duty
of being an ambassador for her country through a marriage alliance. She loves her
Father in Heaven and wants to honor Him in her life decisions; her dream is to
serve Him as a nun in a convent. 
enjoys reading the works of famous poets, like hymn writer, Isaac Watts, and adores


kind-hearted woman who loves her daughter and husband; she enjoys joking with
both of them, a few of her jokes fall short of being funny. She cares about Winnifred’s
happiness but struggles to understand her daughter. Above all, she wants to
protect Matvia’s business and borders.


 A humble man who feels torn between preventing
war, whether it involves members of other nations or members of his own family.
Like Winnifred, the king enjoys reading. The king is also known for diplomacy; he’s
very good at getting others to patch up long-standing arguments.

suitor (another king):

energetic man who is a music lover with a strong taste for the, “finer things
in life.” He is extremely sensitive but can be blunt without realizing it. He
likes to speak his mind. The king is capable of being playful and can poke fun
at himself. He loves his dog more than royal peers.


 Winnifred’s best friend; she enjoys
singing aloud with Winnifred in a stone pavilion or taking short walks with her
friend outside, usually they talk about politics or personal hobbies.

Duke of Mont-sue-Mere:

friend of Winnifred’s suitor; he is a very trusted personal advisor and helps
the king conduct music for special occasions, including the arrival of foreign
visitors. He is careful with his words.


 Also, three important questions: What age
would you like for Winnifred’s royal suitor? Should he be twenty, twenty-five,
or older? Second, do you have any tips for writing a spunky female character? I’m
hoping to add a little humor to Winnifred’s personality.

would you like this story to be set in real European countries or do you prefer
imaginary ones? Have a Happy Sabbath!



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Winnifred of Matvia Character List

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