Who Am I? (6)

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“Why is there a computer chip inside my brain!?” I practically shouted. “Does my mom know about this?”

“Yes your mom knows, she volunteered you as a test subject to see in the C_PCI chip works,” Mr.Promithanswered.

“So you’re telling me that I’m just a test subject, and what changes will happen to me?”

“Well yes and no. Seeing that you didn’t die in the first couple months the chipwas installedinto you is a great thing. But the real changeswill be realizedin a couple of days. You will get faster, stronger, smarted, and more agile. Also your body will be able to cope with more damage that a regular human body can. So you can get hit multiple times and not get injured.”

By the end of the explanation Iwas amazedand scared. “So what would I have to do?”

“You have to work for us.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well, let’s see… You’ll be eliminated” Responded Mr.Promith.

When he said eliminated it sent a sharp chill down my spine. I paused and decided did I wantto belike James Bond ordead.“I’ll do it, I’ll join.”

Mr.Promithlooked at me. It seamed as if he was staring down deep into my heart to find my real answer, terrified. After what seemed ages he said ok. Suddenly to big hands grabbed my shoulders. I tried shimmering out of their hands but they were too tough.

“This is your first test, this man is trying to abduct you what do you do?” Mr.Promithsaid.

I stopped and then turned around so I was facing the guy grabbing me. Then I pushed him hard but he wouldn’t budge. Then I stomped on his foot and he let go of me and let out a loud puff of air.

“Very good you passed now you may go.” Mr.Promithsaid.

“How I don’t even know where I am.”

“Mr. Lake will take you to the parking lot where your mom is.” Mr.Promithsaid pointing to the man clutching his foot.

Mr. Lake looked at me sighed and walked me to my mom without saying a word.

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Who Am I? (6)

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