Who am I?

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“Hello,” Mom said quite startled by the men’s
appearance. “And who are you?”

“I’m Xander and I’m Alex,” said Xander.

“So what can
I help you with?” Mom asked and looked at me with a face that said, get out.

So I went to
my room and continued playing my Ps5. I was almost done with my mission in an
old game my older brother played on his Ps4 called Watch Dogs.

“Sean! Come
down.” Mom yelled. As I entered the living room the men just walked out the

“What was
that about?” I asked.

“The men
wanted all of the families in town
to know they were in the neighborhood surveying the town.” She answered.

“What for?”
I asked again.

“Just to
make sure it’s a safe neighborhood.” Mom said. I stood there for a second
something just didn’t add up. But
then mom broke the silence, “Tomorrow is your first day of high school, and we
haven’t even gone clothes shopping.

Ugh. I
forgot it was the last day of summer, but it got even worse I had to spend my
whole day at the mall for clothes and sneakers. But a big miracle happened.

“We don’t
have to buy you clothes and sneakers now we can do it next week.” Mom said.

“Yes!” I
must have chanted. “Who did those men say they worked for?” I asked mom.

“Oh, I
didn’t ask it must have slipped my mind.” She replied.

“Uh mom,
where are our house phones?” I asked.



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Who am I?

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