Where are the Rabbits?

So, here’s a poem my older sister and I wrote together.I was 7.
I hope I remember everything correctly lol!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (E= Elizabeth=me And J = Jo)
Where are the rabbits?
J. Where are the rabbits? They can’t be found.
E. Maybe they’ve taken a vacation,
J. if so, we need to find their location.
E. Let’s visit a town.
J. Have you found them?
E. No, I have not. They’re somewhere in the ground.
J. Are they in their hibernation? If so, we need to change our destination.
E. Rabbits don’t hibernate.
J. So they must be hiding somewhere…
E and J. In a chair!
J. They’re not lost, let’s put them back!

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Where are the Rabbits?

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