When the Time Comes | Interview with Octavia

About Octavia:
Octavia is definitely an interesting character. She is 16 years old. Many times she is seen as the villain, but deep down, she is a good person. She cares about everyone which is why she is so overprotective. If she ever has children, I’ll feel bad for them.
Best Friend: Aliza (not in the story)
Crush: Josiah. Well, she’s in denial but she knows she does deep down.
Enemy: the Romans. Octavia hates what the Romans do and wishes she could stop them from doing anything.
Parents: Leib and Ariella
Q&A with Octavia and the author
Who are your parents? Where are they in the story?
Octavia: My parents are named Leib and Ariella. Their names mean lion and lioness, and I like how tough it sounds. Sadly, they were captured with the rest of the Christians.
Author: You know now who her parents are, but you might be asking why they are not really in the story. I usually don’t put the characters which are not the main ones. I need to work on that, and maybe I’ll tell you guys more about the non-main characters. Let me know down below if you would be interested in hearing that.
How old are you?
Octavia: I am 16 years old.
Author: She is 16. Note: she can be married at this age. Definitely not trying to hint at anything 😉
Do you like Josiah, Octavia?
 Octavia: N-no… why do you ask?
Author: I’ll leave that to you guys to figure out 😉
Do you think you’re going to live, Octavia?
Octavia: No chance.
Author: No spoilers!
I hope you guys enjoyed that! Make sure to comment down below questions for Josiah! Deadline is December 29, 2017. Also, if you have unanswered questions about Rebecca or Octavia, I will respond to them in the comments! Thank you for reading 🙂

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When the Time Comes | Interview with Octavia

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