When The Time Comes | Chapter 4

“What did your parents say?” Kaila asked Rebecca right away, as the soldier shoved her in their cell and locked the door. She didn’t want to speak, because if she did the tears stuck in her throat would explode. Rebecca simply shook her head and laid down. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.
Her dreams were a mix of happy memories of her mother and father, weird details that never happened, and the truth that eventually came at the end. She didn’t understand why her parents would do that. She would never know why they did it.
Olivia watched Rebecca sleep. She hated that she didn’t know what was wrong with her, much less why her parents were allowed to see Rebecca if Rebecca’s parents were Christian. “Olivia!” A voice whispered. She looked to the voice and saw a boy she hardly ever talked to, Josiah.
“What?” She replied. He walked over to Olivia. “What happened with Rebecca?”
“I don’t know.” She said. “But we need to get out of here.”
“I agree.”
Olivia looked up in surprise at Josiah. Finally, she thought. Someone who understands me.
 Rebecca finally awoke from her sleep. She hoped everyone forgot she had even seen her parents.
“Rebecca!” Kaila rushed over to her immediately. Rebecca squirmed.
“They are going to make us burn incense in a month!” Kaila exclaimed. Rebecca’s heart hurt again. Kaila seemed to notice and grab Rebecca’s shoulder. Olivia overheard their conversation. “You won’t have to worry about making a decision.”
Rebecca and Kaila looked at each other.
“Josiah and I are gonna get us all out of here.”
Rebecca raised one eyebrow. “Really now?”
Olivia stared at her coldly. “Do you doubt that I can get us out of here?”
“Yes.” Rebecca said curtly. “There are over 100 soldiers here, not to mention a locked cell, and a locked gate.”
Olivia only stared. Kaila looked nervously between them. “Well, uh,” she stuttered. “I hope you have a good plan.” She looked at Rebecca, but Rebecca had gone to talk with someone else. Olivia frowned and walked over to Josiah.
GRRRRR. Ugh late upload I’m so sorry guys. I try to upload every Saturday but for some reason this was a hard chapter for me to write. I don’t really know why. Anyways, comment below if you think Olivia and Josiah will be able to get them out of the prison? Or is Rebecca right, that there is no way to get out of there? New chapter coming out this Friday (or earlier)!

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When The Time Comes | Chapter 4

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