When the Time Comes | Chapter 3

Rebecca slowly opened her eyes. Her head hurt, and she felt as if she was laying on a rock. She blinked and looked around. Well, she was right about something. She was laying on rock. And there were bars – wait!
She tried to get up, but someone gently laid her back down. She looked to see who it was. It was Kaila, and now that Rebecca saw Kaila, she also saw many believers, including Pastor Andrew.
“Rebecca! I was so worried that you wouldn’t wake up-” She tried to control her sobbing. Rebecca still wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but she just nodded her head numbly.
“How does your head feel?” Someone said. Rebecca looked in the direction of the voice and saw Olivia. Well, that’s probably the first nice thing she has said. Rebecca thought.
“I don’t – where am I?” Rebecca had so many questions, but she couldn’t seem to be able to say too much before she felt tired.
“We are in prison.” Olivia answered. Somehow, Rebecca thought. She seems nicer than she did before we got here.
“You there!” A guard shouted. Rebecca looked to who he was speaking at. Then she realized he was looking right at her.
“M-me?” She answered sheepishly.
“Yes you, come here.”
She tried to get up, with the help of Kaila. She finally got up, but she felt light-headed as she walked with the guard. Where is he taking me? She thought.
Rebecca walked into the room and saw her parents. She felt half happy, half mad.
“Rebecca!” Her parents ran to her and suffocated her in a hug. “What happened to your head?”
Rebecca touched her head and realized that on it was blood. She gasped. “I-I don’t know…”
“Rebecca! We told you not to go to the meeting.”
Rebecca remembered what they had told her. “What’s going on with you, Mother and Father?” She looked at them and frowned. “Are you with them now? With the Romans?”
They looked at each other. “Somehow they found out we were Christians, and they told your father that if he didn’t tell them where the Christians were,” She looked painfully at Rebecca. “They would burn down our house with us inside!”
Rebecca gasped. “YOU TRAITORS!” She wrenched herself from her parents. “Now your own daughter and all the other Christians are going to die! And it’s all your fault!”
The Roman guard walked in the door. “Is there a problem?”
Her parents were speechless. “Take her back to her cell…” They finally said.
Rebecca sadly looked at them. Her own parents. Where was their faith?
Wow! Again a lot to cover. I hope you guys are enjoying reading this, because I am enjoying writing this! Also, what happened (if you guys don’t get it) was the Romans found out Rebecca’s dad was a Christian, then they told him that if he didn’t tell them where the Christians worshiped, they would burn down her parent’s house. He caved in and told them where they worshiped (and what sign to make), and renounced his Christianity. Then a spy was sent to go to the house to make sure that was true (the man Rebecca let in) and when he found out it was, the next day they arrested the Christians. Rebecca was knocked out, because they hit her hard in the head. Don’t forget to comment if you liked it or if you found something wrong historically! I won’t be offended 🙂

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When the Time Comes | Chapter 3

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