When The Time Comes | Chapter 1

Rebecca dodged into the side of a house. She sighed in relief and looked across the street where a house full of Christians worshiped. She looked down the street to make sure no Roman or anyone saw her, and then ran to the door. The door cracked open, and she bent down carefully and drew the fish. The door then opened wider and she slipped in. “Rebecca, it’s good to see you. Where is your family?” Pastor Andrew said.
“They are coming, but I went before them.”
“Did anyone follow you?”
Rebecca turned her head to Octavia, a bossy fifteen year old girl. Rebecca didn’t dislike Octavia, but Octavia always seemed to get mad at Rebecca for doing something wrong.
Rebecca gulped. “I looked both ways of the street and didn’t see anyone.”
Rebecca looked at Pastor Andrew, who smiled at her and then turned to some of the other believers. Rebecca sighed. She didn’t like any tension, especially between her and an adult. She would much rather do chores than talk to someone. She wasn’t afraid of people, she was just afraid of her speaking skills. Octavia deposited a frown on Rebecca and turned away to sit with her family. Rebecca looked away and looked for a chair to sit in, when someone knocked on the door. Rebecca walked over and opened it slightly, and waited to see the person draw the fish. When he did, she let him in. She didn’t recognize him, but after all he drew the fish. She sat down in a chair, waiting for her family to walk in.
The meeting went very well. Rebecca loved hearing about God and Jesus. He had come recently, and she wished she could have been born a few decades before. It wasn’t terrible, though. Even though Jesus physically left to go to Heaven, she knew He was with the believers and everyone who would accept Him. Also Jesus left a Helper, the Holy Spirit. It made Rebecca happy to think about those things. By the end of the meeting, her family still hadn’t come. She thought that maybe her younger brother, Jacob, was sick. Right as Rebecca was about to walk out the door, her best friend Kaila ran over to her.
“Rebecca! Where do you think you are going without saying hi to me?”
Even though most people felt that Kaila was too talkative, Rebecca found it charming. They made a good pair, Rebecca never spoke that much and Kaila spoke a lot.
“Sorry.” Rebecca said sheepishly, trying to conceal the smile that was about to take over her face. Kaila laughed. “Did you see that man?” She pointed to the man who Rebecca let in. His face seemed numb to all emotion, and he hadn’t said anything during the meeting. “Yes. I let him in.” Rebecca said.
“Kaila!” Her parents called in a hoarse whisper. “Come, we need to go home.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow night, right?” Kaila whispered.
Rebecca nodded her head. Kaila hugged Rebecca and slipped out of the door with her parents and sister.
Rebecca frowned as she thought about all the weird things that were going on. Her family hadn’t come, and that man was now inspecting Pastor Andrew’s house. Rebecca shook her head and walked out silently.
 I hope you guys enjoyed that! Sorry if I got something wrong historically, and feel free to tell me mistakes I made in the comment section. I promise I won’t be offended! If you are reading this in the next day or so, Happy Sabbath! If not, happy alive day! wink

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When The Time Comes | Chapter 1

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