Waiting for You ~ 4

Hey guys! It’s me again! The story is coming to a really exciting plot twist, so stay tuned! If you enjoy it, please give me a thumbs up. It’s really encouraging to see people reading my stories. Now here’s chapter 4! Enjoy!
Chapter 4:

A couple weeks later, Mr. And Mrs. Jones, along with Anthony drove back to the doctors office for the test results.

   “Anthony Jones!” Someone called in the lobby.

Stepping through the hallway, and into the room the nurse indicated, they sat down. Soon, a nurse walked in.

   “Hello! I’m nurse Ally, what’s your name?” The nurse asked Anthony.

   “Anthony.” He timidly replied.

   “Now, Anthony, I’m going to just give you a little checkup, like you usually have every year.” Nurse Ally followed the protocol.

   After the nurse finished writing everything in Anthony’s chart, she went to attend to other patients. After about five minutes, Dr. James came into the room. He motioned for Mr. And Mrs. Jones to step outside. 

   “We’ll be back soon, Anthony.” Dr. James encouraged him.

Stepping outside, the worried parents followed Dr. James.

   “Is it bad news, Doctor?” Mr. Jones asked.

   “I’m so sorry. It’s cancer.” Dr. James replied.

   Mrs. Jones wiped her eyes. “What should we do?” 

   “Well, there’s a cancer treatment center for children about half an hour away in Brownsville. I think it best you send him there.” Dr. James said.

   “Ok. Well, that’s the best we can do, I guess.” Mr. Jones said sadly.

   “Also, I’ll pray for you every day.” Dr. James was obviously a Christian. “Let’s go tell Anthony.”

   Stepping back into the room, Dr. James broke the news. “Anthony, your test show you have cancer. It’s not too bad, but we’re going to send you to a nice place for a few weeks where you can see many other kids, and get better.”

   “Will I die?” Came a tearful reply. “Cause when I was little, my grandpa had cancer, and he died.” 

Mrs. Jones hugged him. “We’re sending you there so you won’t die.” She assured him.

   “Okay. As long as mummy and daddy could visit me real lots?” He asked.

   “Of course. Parents are welcome.” Dr. James assured them. “I’ll have someone call you when we know what day you’ll head out there.” 



   “What is it, honey?” Mrs. Anderson asked her husband, his head bent low over his desk.

   “Well, the taxes are a little more than I had calculated. I may have to break into our savings.” He scratched his head.

   “Oh. I see. What if we don’t go to the water park on Sunday?” She asked.

   “Well, maybe. But the kids were really looking forward to it.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to worry them, or lie to them.”


   “Alright class. Today is the day.” Mr. Harder’s voice boomed throughout the classroom. “Today you will take your English exam.”

   Passing out the papers, May and Ruth exchanged glances. They had both tried to study half, but when Ruth found copies of the test when Mr. Harder had accidentally forgotten to lock the office door, their old plan was dropped. Now, each had written down the answers as small as they could, and slipped it in their sleeves. When Mr. Harder turned around, May and Ruth dumped the crinkly paper into their laps, and began. 

   After class, May and Ruth met outside.

   “How did you do?” Ruth asked May.

   “Got a B. I couldn’t see the some of it because I didn’t want to look suspicious looking in my lap.” May replied. “You?” 

   “C+. Almost as good as you. But I couldn’t see even with my glasses that far away and so tiny!” 

   “Well, I would have gotten an F if I hadn’t found those copies!” Ruth giggled. May wasn’t so sure. 

   “Well, I guess we’ll need to study now that Mr. Harder discovered that Mike had cheated. Don’t wanna look suspicious.” May didn’t feel so good about cheating.

   “Don’t be ridiculous!” Ruth scoffed. “We’ll be way more careful than Mike! Besides, how am I going to pass if I don’t cheat?”

   May pretended to ignore her, so she picked up her phone, and opened Facebook. Scrolling through her newsfeed, something caught her attention. It was posted by a local Adventist church. On a beautiful background of a rainbow, a verse popped out at her. 

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8) The caption of the picture was, Happy Sabbath! It had been posted on Saturday.

   “Why does it seem everyone and everything is trying to get me to worship on Saturday?” She said out loud.

   “Why? Did your boyfriend just text you and say, I’m a Seventh-Day Christian?” Ruth mocked.

   “No, Ruth!” May said, exasperated. “I was scrolling through Facebook, and saw a post from a nearby Saturday keeping church. It seemed like they were trying to say, become an Adventist!”

   Ruth, being the headstrong, brave one of the girls, said, “Let’s go and challenge the pastor of that church to prove it!” 

   “Prove what?” May asked timidly.

   “That Saturday is the Sabbath!”

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Waiting for You ~ 4

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