I took a very long break, and honestly, my writing style has changed a good amount. I like to think my plots have become a bit more mature. Honestly my grammar may or may have not gotten worse but anywaYS –
Here’s my dilemma: I don’t know if I should even post here… it’s pretty dead. My last published chapter only got like maybe one like or so… so let me know if you’re still around here. I’d still love to publish stories but it’s kinda sad publishing them where no one is on lol.
Also, I am discontinuing my old series. Sadly, I just really dislike the way I made the plot. For instance, Mistakes and Returns had a very strange plot. So… here’s how I was kind of planning to end M&R… basically Bardo was going to have to stay in Rome for a bit for him to get his own ship, so Sethe is like yayyy! Then they basically (after a few off… paper (??) years) get married and have a few kids. Octavia and Josiah also have a baby girl. Kaila doesn’t ever get married, she lives a more normal life. I didn’t really know what I was gonna do with the others.
But I just feel like the writing was SO bad and so cluttered. You see, I’m what they (Terrible Writing Advice) call a discovery writer. However, on my break, I began to try and learn how to organize my writing a bit more. And I think my writing is getting better 😀
So I’m sorry to say, I’m ending Mistakes and Returns. I know it’s not fair to you guys, I’m really sorry. I just hate where that story was going. There was no Biblical density to it. It almost just turned into a bad and choppy romance. It’s one of those books I would do a book review on (those are coming too haha).
So to compensate (not really), I’m currently working on two book series. I hope you guys will see how much my writing has changed. Hope you enjoy!

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