Tomophobia (Nosocomephobia, Part 2)

For those who don’t remember, the previous first part of the story was about Jamal and his testimony of praying to God in hopes his cousin, Daina, would heal from a car accident. Now this part will go over what happened at the crash, then going back to the hospital scene with him hugging her after God came out victorious, and her soon over coming her fear of surgeries. Tomophobia. Hopefully for those who are scared of surgeries like me and Daina could take something away from this sequel.

It was like no other night.

I was chatting away on the phone whilst driving to my favorite cousin Jamal’s house for the upcoming family reunion in two weeks.

Finally taking a break from the stressful year so far.

Everything was peaceful. Jamal was chatting away about his gym pr’s. Everything felt good.

Until it wasn’t.

Some Kia Soul was driving in the fast lane. Not a problem if they weren’t going 40 miles per hour.

So I took the opportunity to give them a honk or two and attempted to swerve into the cruise lane.

Worst mistake of my life. Well, somewhat.

I checked my mirror for a millisecond, only to see four bright headlights right at my bumper.

Before I could usher a prayer, my car has already been T-Boned.

I felt glass whip around my face.

The lugging of my engine coming to a terrifying stop.

The smell of gasoline and smoke.

Only hearing the roar of screams and terror bearing over the frantic whispers from my phone as my body reluctantly signs off for the night.

But a moment passes, and I feel a jolt within my body. Eyes shooting wide open, I shoot upwards. Slowly noticing a woman in white clothing. She flinched and quickly walked out of the bland room I’m in.

As soon as I heard a resounding click, all that happened previously begins to eclipse. The moon in my head rotating and morphing slowly as everything ca together.

I quickly said the prayer I couldn’t finish; a verse lingering on my tongue. Steadily I began to recite it, before abruptly pausing as the door was bashed. The hinges surprisingly didn’t fall off.

Turning to my right and shifting away from the window, I see a familiar wet-faced mess walk to my bed. Sniffing while holding my hand.

I smiled. No other person could be as emotional and teary eyed as Jamal. And usually to feel better he’d read verses.

So, I told him mine. Philippians 4:6-7.

And it seemed to have a lasting effect on him. He took some deep breaths and welcomed the doctor into the room.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Daina. I’m sure you’re aware of your current situation?”

I gave him a curt nod and he continued.

“Splendid. Great. I just want you two to know that surgery will be necessary. We are surprised you weren’t dead after how your car looks currently.”

I gulped hard, thanking God for keeping me.

“Unfortunately miss, you will have to undergo surgery in your abdomen and on your left arm.”

I knew he was going to say that. But even so I feel sick and lightheaded. Surgery? No way.

Now this is probably the worst that could ever happen to me!

I started to sob as I watched the man leave with the clipboard. The grip on my hand becoming tighter.

For the next two weeks I was kept in the hospital bed, praying for deliverance and to not get surgery. I was unable to move the left side of my body for most of my time but thankfully my paralysis lifted and I could move again right before my day of surgery. Maybe I can avoid taking surgery since my body is much better! I thought. So I took another opportunity to ask my doctor if he could cancel the surgery as he walked in with a pair of gloves and moved my bed. 

Miss, you’re still injured. It’s not like you magically got better. You still have stomach pain, yes?” I nodded again, gritting my teeth.

“Well, you may have internal bleeding and from the scans we’ve done, you may have a blood vessel thats damaged or an organ. We need to check everything thats going on.”

I sighed as he pushed me to my doom. Maybe I won’t get out of this after all.

I closed my eyes and prayed to God over and over again in my head. Lord keep me please. Keep me I pray. I hope I can see the light of day again.

Soon enough everything has been prepared.

All around me were nurses of every kind. Or were they doctors? I can’t tell.

The last words one of them muttered were “you’re in good hands”.

I hope so.

Then I closed my eyes.

What felt like four seconds, I was woken up by Jamal. Back in the same room I’ve been stuck in for a while. Humming and beeping of monitors. How long have I been knocked out from the surgery?

Dai! You’re finally awake! After I heard your surgery was a slight success I was so worried! You were knocked cold for three days!” He gave me a tight hug.


‘You’re in great hands’ they said. 

I looked at Jamal with slight fear. Hoping he could reiterate.

“What do you mean?”

He gave a slight wince.

They kinda, busted another blood vessel. But you’re still alive and well now!

I froze.

ANOTHER ONE? I can already feel a headache incoming.

He gave me a smile, not noticing my teeth grinding.

You conquered your fear though.” He exclaimed.

And something in my head clicked.

Feeling warm.


By the grace of God I was able to go through surgery! And it wasn’t all that bad.

Besides having a messed up blood vessel somewhere.

“I guess I did.” I sighed


And that is the end of the sequel. Daina was in the hospital for another two weeks just to make sure she’s in full stable condition and was discharged. Luckily the family reunion was delayed o celebrate her coming out victorious from the hands of death and now having a stronger relationship to trust God.

So kids, teens, adults, or seniors.

Don’t be afraid when it comes to surgeries or  hospital trips. God willing you will be alright. And if you’re not able to leave a hospital for medical reasons know that He is still with you. Abide with him and he will abide with you. All that he does is for the good in the future. Even if bad things are happening currently in your life just know it will all come to pass. All that you achieve and go through will add up in heaven. Possibly creating hope for those down here on Earth before our time here ends. -Angelina B.

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Tomophobia (Nosocomephobia, Part 2)

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