To Tofu or Not to Tofu


To tofu or not to tofu? To haystack or not to haystack?

The past few weeks the same topic keeps coming up in conversations. Our
church has a unique health message. According to Wikipedia the global SDA
church is roughly 33% vegetarian. A few of us have taken it a step further
and become vegans, meaning people that don’t eat anything that comes from
any animal!

I had one person actually say, “Veganism is the way to salvation.”
I was a bit more than mildly shocked, and others in the group took the lead
to address this idea. In the end, I’m not sure we changed his mind. I
think sometimes we get too focused on a single idea and we lose sight of
the end game.

The Bible is very clear about what we should eat and what we should not
eat. Mrs. White dives into much more interesting details about diet and
health. Much of it was important to the time and situation of the day and
still carries great value a hundred years later. For example, her ideas on
smoking were contrary to mainstream medical practices of her day.

My ancestors had some memorable moments with Mrs. White that are well
documented in the White Estates (at the General Conference in Silver
Spring, MD). One letter was to a certain Mr. Holbrook (my grandfather’s
grandfather, if I remember correctly). He was close to certain that peanut
butter was the cure for everything. Fortunately, he accepted Mrs. White’s
insight and wisdom. Maybe this weekend we need to look at more of her
writings regarding health and vitality.

Want to learn more about eating healthy?

You can download Mrs. White’s writings for free on the Apple Store and the Google
Play Store: EGW Writings. Also check out the Nutrition Honor this week:

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To Tofu or Not to Tofu

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