There’s a God out there.

Hi! Peach1 is the name… here’s a poem I wrote long ago. But I fixed it up a bit and is presenting it to you now!

Sometimes I want to shout yell
Sometimes I want to singgrin
Sometimes my heart,love
Just wants to ring!lol
Sometimes I want to smilesmiley
Sometimes I feel no love,heart break
Sometimes it’s hard to know,neutral
That there’s a God aboverazz
But no need to fear,eek
The Lord our God is here, lol
Our sins are washed away, sweat
If we trust and obey,razz
All laws of God is important,wink
In our lives, surprise
One tenth of earn,cool
Is to God in tithes,money
Oh the aches, pains, and sores, cry
Aren’t gonna stop me fromconfuse
Learning about God more,surprise
So the world will come to an end,sad
But that means Jesus is coming again!lol

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There’s a God out there.

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