The way it is ( to be changed)

The way it is (to be changed)

We were beaten and tortured

We were hit, slapped and whipped

Spit at no better than a donkey

Left to die on the dusty ground



And now



But are we really

Freedom of speech

Does not insure being heard

Freedom to live

To do anything

To be anything

Does not insure acceptance from society

Martin Luther King Jr.

Would he be proud of our progress?

For sure!

But we can’t stop here

The stereotypes

We all know them

The Language we All know it

Those words that slip through lips

Stabbing hearts

We must grasp those and bury them into the deeps of the ocean

Racial comments must be Destroyed

Prejudices exterminated

Than with true heart and feeling we can finally sing

“Free at last

Free at last

Thank God almighty we are free at last”

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The way it is ( to be changed)

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