The Very Dangerous Robots

The Very Dangerous Robots
One sunny day on a planet called robeam there were two robots and their family. The Father was Chomp and the baby was Stomp. They are square and have springs for ears. One day as they were walking around their garden looking at bright beautiful flowers that  they were thinking of picking for the mother’s birthday in a few days, Suddenly a flash of light came from the bright beautiful red roses, and they appeared at earth they immediately started to explore. And they started Chomping metal beams (that was going to be used to make a beautiful house) and throwing boxes and it seems like they landed in a construction site, so pretty soon the construction site was a mess and the robots stomped on the fence surrounding the construction site and stomped out and started destroying earth some people came by and were terrified by them and ran away soon another group of people came and reported it but by time police came the robots already had stomped off. Soon when then passed someone’s house, Stomp the baby robot said “look aren’t those the flowers that we saw at robeam?” “Yes” said the father then another flash of light came an they were back home. Then they told their family what happened then Stomp said “I think I like earth better, but I am still glad to be home.”
The End

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The Very Dangerous Robots

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