The Time Travelers: In the Beginning



Hi, my name is Fred Rivera. I have a
stepsister named Nancy, a dog named Rover, and Nancy has a cat named Angelina.
In this book I’m writing the story of my adventure thourgh through


Chapter 1: In the


I woke up at around midnigth midnight
to some claning clanging noises. I went downstairs to where the noises
were coming from, the lab (which is the basement, but Dad uses it for inventions,
so Nancy and I call it the lab) without waking anyone up. When I got there I
saw Dad working on something but he quickly threw a sheet over whatever it was.

“Dad!” I siad said sleepily. “What are
you doing? It’s the middle of the night!” “Just working on something.” He
replied. “Go back to bed.”

Oh right, the “top secret project” he had been
working on for a MONTH but hadn’t let Nancy or me see it. I climbed out of the
lab, upstairs, and into my room.

In the morning I woke up to the sound of Mom
calling from downstairs for worship. After worship Nancy and I asked Dad about
the top-secret project.

“Okay, Okay, I’ll show you.” He said when we
had asked for the 5th time. “After you’ve finished your pancakes.”

We quickly ate our pancakes while Rover stayed
under the tble table hoping to get a bite. When we were done we raced to
the lab and saw what dad had made. A TIME MACHINE.

It was 8 feet and height and 10 in length, on
the top there was two elctrcity electricity rods. There was a small
glass compartment on it with a glowing blue glass ball inside in it. Inside it
was a panel with 3 buttons.

“The 1st button is for picking the
story.” said Dad. “The 2nd is for the date. And the 3rd
is for the place.”

“Cool, come Nancy let’s go.” I said, grabbing
her hand and then pulling her into the time machine.

“But it could be dangerous.” said Nancy.

“It’s comepletly completely fine.” said
Dad. “But just in case, here.”

He handed us two watches. “Watches! Why do we
need these?” said Nancy.

“Tap them two times and it’ll show directions
to the Time Machines.” Dad replied.

I grabbed Nancy’s hand dragged her in the Time
Machine, chose the first thing that was there and pressed the WARP button.

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The Time Travelers: In the Beginning

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