The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 5


Chapter 5: The Fall

Eve left the tree and went to find Adam while
Nancy and I chased after her. But she got there first.

“Hello, Adam.”
Eve said.

“Hello, Eve.” Adam replied.

“Adam, try this.” Eve said, holding out the

“That’s the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil!” Adam said in shock. “We can’t eat it!”

“No, Adam.” Eve said. “It’s okay.”

“But God said-”

Eve cut off Adam. “No, I met a serpent a-and
it told me that it’s okay. It said that it will make us like God.”

Adam looked at Eve and at the fruit.

“Okay.” He said.

He slowly lifted it to his mouth while Nancy
and I ran and tried to stop him and agian again it seemed like it was in
slow motion and we were to late.

All of a sudden lighting flashed down from the
sky and Adam and Eve started running away.

All of a sudden Eve noticed something.

“Adam you’re naked.” She said.

Adam looked at her.

“So are you Eve.” He said.

Then they ran into the bushes to sew together
some leaves to make some clothes.

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The Time Travelers: In the Beginning Part 5

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