The Story- Prologue

I once met a traveller from afar;

He came bearing stories from an ancient land,

A land of deserts, a land of war

A land of prophets, a land of kings

A land of judges, a land of peace.

Cities struck by fire, razed to the ground,

A temple without it’s God or altar,

A people smitten by their enemies;

Barbarians who had no care for them.

Four great empires, stole this land from its people,

An empire of gold, rich and powerful,

An empire of silver, num’rous and wealthy,

An empire of bronze, strong and grandiose,

An empire of iron, breaking all its foes.

The traveller sat down, and spoke his tales,

And began to paint a picture, of his,

His far-off home.

The Story- Prologue. Part 1 Chapter 1 Coming Soon!

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The Story- Prologue

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