The story about my heart

  When I was born I had a heart defect. That means my heart was not pumping enough oxygenated blood threw my left side of my body. At first the doctors just thought I was sick. I had a lot of test done to see what the problem was  because I kept on getting sick and I was tired all the time.
                        One day I was jumping on my bed with my brother when I felt dizzy and short of breath. Well I had asthma and so I thought it was that. So I went to tell my mom I did not feel well, she said ”Okay honey I will take you to your allergy doctor after we go do something at the church for my Sabbath class room” and we did that. When we got there to the doctor’s office, my blood oxygen level was in the 70’s. They gave me an oxygen mask and called 911 to come take me to the hospital.
                          I was so scared I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t or I would not be writing this true story about me. So I got to the hospital and they did more test and they said that nothing is wrong with me. And I am thinking well there has to be something wrong with me my oxygen is so low. I had to stay over night and if you have ever been to the hospital and had to stay over night you don’t get much sleep because they come in and check on you and all sorts of other things. I got no sleep at all!!!
                           Soon I got to go home it was not that fun because I had to have a pipe up my noise to give me med’s and I was only 7 and I had to go though all of this and I was like God why me why me. My friends prayed and prayed and I also prayed and God answered our prayers. When they finally found out what was wrong with me they sent me to another hospital to do surgery. And after that I was all better!
                             So if you are ever going to have to go to the hospital for a surgery for whatever you have to go there for, you do not have to be afraid because God is with you and He will help you get though your tough time. Like right now with covid-19 He will be with you no matter what is going to happen to you or me. lovelovelove

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The story about my heart

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