This is part two of 15 continued from the one posted long ago called “RESCUED!!!!” I’ll try to remember to post a chapter every week… 🙂
Chapter 2: The Start of It All
Jared awoke realizing that he was somewhere else. His eyes got big! His heart was pounding! Then he looked up to see the compassionate eyes of Officer Jeremy looking down at him. It all flooded back. They had found him in an alley and had brought him back to what he guessed was the station…

“Officer Jeremy, where am I and how did you know that I was in that alley all alone?” questioned Jared, a worried look on his face.

“Well Jared, you’re at the police headquarters in the chief police’s office. You see, I am the chief police, and Officer Frank is my best officer. We had parked our car and were doing are morning rounds when we heard sniffles coming from the alley where you were. That is how we found you,” replied Officer Jeremy.

“Officer Jeremy, what are you going to do with me?” Jared asked with a worried look on his face. “Will I have to go back out and live in that alley again?”

“No, Jared. We’re not going to let you live in that alley again. You’re too young to take care of yourself and besides, where would you find enough money to buy food? No, we’re going to somehow find a new home for you,” explained Officer Jeremy. “How WILL we find a home for Jared? It’s not like he can live in the police station. I’ve already got 2 kids and my wife is as busy as ever. He would be a nice addition to the family, but well, I just don’t know how we could afford it and…”   Officer Jeremy’s thoughts were interrupted by Jared’s timid little voice:

“Officer Jeremy, will my new parents die or leave me all alone to take care of myself like my daddy did?” Jared looked worried. He had been through so much in his short 6 years of his life. “Will they be mean to me like my daddy was? He would sometimes hit me  He would get mad and yell at me. Sometimes he even whipped me. See? He left this big mark on me the day that he didn’t come back.”

Jared lifted up his pant leg up to his knee. The officer grimaced just thinking about how much that whipping had hurt. It had left a mark all the way from his knee to his ankle, a big, black mark. The officer reached down to touch it, but as he did, the boy winced. Officer Jeremy quickly retrieved a bandage and some salve.

After bandaging Jared’s leg, Officer Jeremy lifted Jared onto his lap, Officer Jeremy replied with compassion in his voice, “Jared, my boy, I’m sure that we’ll find a good home for you. We’ll make sure that we don’t give you to anyone who would do that to you. There are plenty of good people out there who would be willing to be good parents to you. We’ll just have to keep searching for the right ones. Now don’t you worry about it. Leave that to me, OK?”

Jared smiled and settled himself on the big, warm lap of Officer Jeremy. “OK. I trust you Officer Jeremy! Now, I’m hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

“Of course! Let’s head down to the office cafeteria and get something to eat, OK?”

As Officer Jeremy and Jared headed down to the cafeteria, Officer Frank stepped out of a near by office.

“Why Jared, it’s nice to see you again! How are you? Did you get a good rest?”

“I’m good,” replied Jared. “Yes, Officer Jeremy made me a nice bed in his office! He is going to take me to the cafeteria. We’re getting something to eat because I’m hungry! Could you join us?”

Officer Frank glanced at Officer Jeremy and Officer Jeremy nodded and replied, “Yes, Officer Frank. Do come with us.”

So the trio headed down to the cafeteria.

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