The Shining light ~ Chapter 1

 (This is a work of Fiction, But somethings may be true)  (I hope none of the offends anyone if it does, then I am very sorryconfuse)
My name is Lilac Bloom Peters. I have long dark brown almost black hair,and striking blue eyes. I go to public school and I am a junior , and I am one of the most popular teens there. My hobbies are Playing music, drawing art, and writing songs. I enjoy hanging out with my best friend Amy. Amy was the one who told me to dye my hair lilac at the ends. Amy is a popular Jock, Playing Basketball and volleyball at our school. She has a crush on the mascot Peter, And asks me so many times to set us up. The bad news is, Peter has a crush on me, but I have no want to date him. So, every time I try to set Amy and Peter up, he won’t listen. And Amy is to nervous to ask him herself. Other than that I have the life of a normal teen, Chatting on the phone, homework, and just having fun with my friends as we roll down the street in my new car. I am loving life, And always ready to have some fun! But, I have one huge secret. That I never tell anyone, ever. I am a christian.


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The Shining light ~ Chapter 1

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