The Salt of the Earth


Salt. I love it! Without it certain foods can be almost inedible. Salt is
everywhere. We find it in our oceans and in large deposits all over the
world. We dump it on our roads in the winter to melt the ice and snow.
Sometimes we even make salt out of mixing chemicals. But do you know
there’s special salt? I mean really special salt. Expensive salt!
How does $272 a pound sound?

It’s in the category of “bamboo salt” (any salt that’s been roasted inside
bamboo). The most expensive salt is made in Korea and is call Amethyst
Bamboo 9x. It starts with Korean gray course sea salt, which is put inside
a piece of aged bamboo and enclosed using ceramic-grade clay. The cylinder
is then roasted in a pine wood-fired furnace at around 1500F (815C), close
to the melting point of salt. This process is repeated seven times or more,
and then it’s roasted again at a hotter temperature, so the salt melts into
a type of magma. It’s then poured out and allowed to harden into crystals.
The resulting salt is powerful to say the least. It is aromatic and has a
smoky, sulfuric, and slightly sweet flavor. It needs to be eaten sparingly
and on food, mainly because on its own it’s way too intense.

So why does the Bible say we should be the salt of the earth? Check out
Matthew 5. Verse 13 is the key but read the whole chapter to understand the

Salt is a necessity. Without enough sodium (salt) in your body you will
actually die! It’s also used to preserve food. Check out the Rocks &
Minerals Honor to learn more about salt and other minerals.


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The Salt of the Earth

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