The Princess And The Bear

One beautiful summer day in the country, there lived a 8 year old princess. Her name was Emma.
She had golden brown hair and brown eyes.
One day she decided to take a walk with her maid in the forest.
Her maid Joy was carrying a basket of goodies. Joy had very dark hair and kind dark brown eyes. 
While she was walking suddenly, out of the forest came a bear. It charged after her and Emma could hear her heart pumping in her chest.
She was so frightened. Emma was about to run but she knew the bear would easily catch up on her. That’s when she had an idea.
She stretched into the basket, pulled out some honey and berries they had picked and put it on the ground and waited sweat dripping down her forehead.
Slowly the bear came closer and licked the honey. Finally it took the honeycomb and a few berries and went back in the woods. “Quickly let us go home.” Emma called to her 12 year old maid who grabbed her hand and started to run back to the castle.
They burst through the door out of breath. “You both are back so fast, what have you been doing. Your clothes are wet.” Emma’s mom Cassidy said. “We saw a bear and it started to come after us we put berries on the ground and…..” Emma started. “Hey, wait , you are running your words into each other and going way too fast. Change those sweaty clothes and come for cookies, then you and Joy can tell me about the bear.” Cassidy laughed.

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The Princess And The Bear

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