The Princess and the Bear (part 2)

Every day Emma went into the forest with Joy at the same time and brought berries and nuts for the bear.
The bear came out too, ready to meet her.
The next month Joy and Emma picked some berries and brought it for the bear. This time, the bear came so close she could have touched it. But it didn’t eat the berries. It just looked at them and whimpered. Joy realized that the bear had a bullet in it’s fur. She bravely stretched out her hand and pulled it out. The bear gave a thankful purr and sat down to eat the berries. Soon the girls were petting the bear and rubbing it’s belly. It started to move away when they touched it’s belly. Joy said. “I think this bear is pregnant. Her tummy looks big and I feel the baby bear inside. “How can you be so sure?” Princess Emma asked. “2 years ago, when I was 10, I lived on a farm. My mom was a veterinarian and she taught me how to tell when an animal was pregnant and what gender it was. She works at your palace too so I can ask her to come one day and check on this bear” Joy told Emma.
The next day Joy’s mom Caroline came to see the bear. “It is pregnant. “she said when she saw it. After she had felt it’s tummy, she said. “She looks like she is having twins and they might be born next month. Did you name her yet”? Caroline asked. “Oh, I never thought about that. How about Buttercup?” Emma asked Joy. “She loves buttercups so I think that is a great name and the baby bears might be born in July, my birth month.” Joy replied.
“I can’t wait to tell mom.” Emma excitedly said as they all skipped back to the castle.

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The Princess and the Bear (part 2)

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