The mysterious house

Hello this is the last chapter of The mysterious house and then we are going to chapter 2 ! Of the mysterious house but this time with a different name for this chapter called : The pup star , so enjoy !
2 years after Mimi acted in her first movie she began to act in many more movies and eventually she became top dog :
 cameras clicked and everyone pushed to see Mimi in the hall of fame everyone wanted a good look of her and a picture of course, 2 hours later Mimi went home , Am tired of pictures and autograph paw stamping a very tired Mimi said I think I will take a nap….. MIMI!!!!!!! Kiwi shouted what?! Mimi groaned Sorry Mimi to wake you up but you just got to see this !!! Kiwi said excited ok ok Mimi said yawning, so Kiwi told Mimi to pack up and Mimi packed up and then after a very very long drive they got to the airport and then Mimi saw it. She was going to a famous scientist to take a pill that was going to make her speak so she could speak in movies instead of having voice actors ,Mimi went and took  the pill and she did got to speak! She could even sing and she could still speak dog ! Then Mimi knew she was going to become the worlds most famous TOP DOG !!!!!!!!!

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The mysterious house

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