The mysterious house

Hi everyone this is part 2 of my story The mysterious house so kiwi and Mimi are new dogs in my story so kiwi is 1 old year old and Mimi 2 years old so here we go:                                       Sniff sniff sniff ugh I want to get out of here! Mimi starched the pen door as Aki walked by woh she really wants to get out of here Aki thought  “come on girl ” ok ok Aki said said with her eyes (sreams) my family!! Aki ran right up to them. Aki! The kids greeted her . Let’s go home Aki barked. Woh Aki Hadassah said we are going to adopt some new friends.uh? Aki thought . Hey look yorkies Alice said . Kiwi ran up to Alice . I think I found my human! Kiwi said happy . Yeah for you Kiwi they’re still not my style. Hey Mim  take it easy . A small dog said from the far end of the cages . We dogs do not get to choose our humans . Maybe Mimi will find some better humans if she waits a big dog barked maybe she will get a second chance. This may be those times there is no second chance come on Mimi the small dog urged they look very nice . Ok ok if you say so . Mimi slowly walked to them. Oh can we have them both please dad. All the kids said  ok but if you guys take care of them . Yay! The kids shouted. Ok let’s go home . When they got home. Chance was right maybe this family is not so bad after all Mimi barked as she ran around the biggest yard she ever saw

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The mysterious house

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