The mysterious house

Hi this part 7 of the mysterious house so enjoy . ;).
were are we going ? Mimi asked ,don’t worry Jasper said just stick with me and you will know,” . They walk down the alley into a cat alley ! Um you do know there are cats here don’t you Mimi said of course I do Jasper said just don’t mess with then , we’ll hello there a cat with dark green eyes and a coat the color of caramel said with a secret in his voice, we are just passing by Jasper said suddenly stopping well hurry or you will have to pay the toll , so Jasper and Mimi walked away .fast. We clear the cat place so just around this corner Jasper said ok Mimi said ,staying very close because they were about to cross the street, beep-beep cars honked and police car passed wailing Mimi whimpered, ha all this time you still are scared of police cars come on Jasper said , they pass the street . Here we are Jasper said , it was a dark wet cave a small one to fit in the city of course, let’s go in Jasper said leading the way , ok wait up Mimi said, woh it’s so dark Mimi said not for me Jasper said ,then they heard a roar, let’s get out of here Jasper shouted, they ran out of the cave , they were walking around when Mimi stoped , what wrong Mim ? Jasper said using the name he calls Mimi ..
that is all for this part bye I hope you guys enjoy lol

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The mysterious house

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