The mysterious house

Hi this is part 9 enjoy…..
is that a poster with my face on it? Mimi asked um I think…. yeah that is Jasper said Aw I can’t read- but I can the cat from cat alley was back this time with  trouble he said cutting Mimi  words,   oh you again what do you want? Jasper asked I want to read them for you cat answered ok sure Mimi said ok cat began it says :  LOST DOG PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR HER CALL THIS NUMBER: () . That’s it? Jasper asked yes that’s it cat said bye cat said and ran back to his alley , why do you think that cat want to read for us ? Mimi asked I don’t know but at least we know what it said Jasper said come meet my friends, they ran to alley and there were dogs sitting some laying down, guys meet Mimi my old friend Jasper said to the dogs the dogs came closer to Jasper and Mimi, hi Mimi we heard about you a lot nice to meet you a small dachshund said to Mimi thanks nice to meet you too Mimi answered. they all meet and then they left. Jasper I better get home before my human get very worried Mimi said  oh ok Jasper said sadly let’s get you home , just as they got to the home they rented the humans were leaving! Wait for me Mimi barked, but it was to late they were already gone , no!! Mimi barked Jasper I know were the border of New York City is Jasper said follow me it take 2 days to get there Jasper barked to Mimi then Jasper stoped ooh hot dog Jasper said to Mimi come on you can have some later Mimi said dragging Jasper alone but but.. Jasper said not now Mimi said we need to get there before my humans do , poor Kiwi poor Aki they must really miss me Mimi said to herself .
that was part 9 thanks for reading and I can’t post part 2 without comments so please comment I need about at least 9 comments thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this small part bye

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The mysterious house

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