The Missing Campsite

Summer has always been my favorite season, not only because my birthday is in July, but
because that means no more school. On Friday, as soon as the bell rings, I quickly head to my
car. I roll my windows down, letting the breeze tickle my skin and the sun blush my face. The
first day of summer has finally begun, I know this weekend is going to be amazing! My friends
and I have planned this camping trip for weeks, being number 1 on our summer bucket list. I
parked in front of my house, left the engine idling and ran inside to grab my things : a sleeping
bag, blankets, flashlights, bug spray, a tent, and many delicious snacks. Check.

“Goodbye Mom,” I shout running down the hallway, but right before I reach the door she

“Wait! Remember to call me when you get there and before you go to bed. Please drive
safe and make sure you keep aware of your surroundings”

I quickly say “Okay, Mom, I will. I’ll talk to you soon , bye!” Then head out the door,
down the steps and to my car.

The place we are camping is called Indian Maze, known for its vast valleys and high
mountain cliffs. From my house it’s a scenic hour and a half drive and the majority of the roads
rutted, uneven and unmarked. I headed to the nearest gas station to fuel up my car and meet the
rest of my friends. Our gas tanks tipped full and our enthusiasm over flowing, we set out for our
adventure, 3 cars, and 7 girls. Sophia came with me and the other girls split between the two
cars. After a long exhausting junior year, full of tests and stressful late nights, this camping trip
was well deserved.

On the drive, Sophia and I were singing at the top of our lungs, as if we were the only 2
in the world, windows down the dusty wind combed our hair. But we finally made it. Before our
cars began the accent of the mountain I called my mom letting her know we made it safe and
were about to lose service. After saying goodbye, I gave the single, that we are good to go and
the cars urged forward, my car trailing behind. At first I was really diligent at remembering
whether we turned right, left, or straight. I can see why they called it a maze. There were four
forks in the road, the first and second we went right, then left on the next, then right again, I
think. I wasn’t too worried about it, some of the girls have been camping up here before and
knew the way.

We arrived at a camping spot Sophia deemed acceptable, right as the sun was bellowing
under the mountain. We (really only Mkenna and Grace) set up our tents, since I had no idea
what I was doing. While they did that Sophia and I went out to look for firewood. Each of one us
had a stack bundled high above our heads and made our way back to camp. Cody began to get
marshmallows, chocolate and graham cracker cookies out, to make s’mores. We sat around the
fire shoving faces full of treats and singing songs so loudly I think even the fish in the river could
hear. After a couple of hours I decided I should probably go and tell my mom goodnight before it
gets too late. Mekenna offered to come with, but I assured her I knew where I was going and
would be quick. I jumped in my car and headed down the mountain, Right, Right, Left, Right, I
kept saying so I would remember. Within 15 minutes I made my way down, pulled over and
called my mom. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring.

“Hi mom!” I shout into the phone.

“Hi hun, how’s the trip so far?” She asks.

“It’s already so amazing, we set our tents up, made a fire, and ate s’mores. I can’t wait for
the rest of the weekend, it’s gonna be so fun.” I said.

“Good I’m so glad, thanks for checking in. I better not hold you too long, I love you lots,
and I’ll talk to you tomorrow night.”

“Okay talk to you tomorrow. Good night, love you too!” With that I began to head back
up to camp, thinking to myself, right, right, right left. Wait right, left, right, right. The first fork
in the road looked familiar but I wasn’t sure about the second. Did I make the wrong turn back
there? I wondered, Was it actually left? My gut feeling was to go right but at the same time
maybe I was wrong. After sitting in this fork for a couple minutes I decided to go left, then there
was another fork in the road. Okay this seems kinda familiar. I took a right turn in hopes I would
soon see our camp, but as I kept driving all I saw was dark dirt roads. I began to panic, and could
hear my heartbeat roaring through my ears. It felt as if it was going to come out of my chest. I
just decided I would turn around and follow my steps back, but now everything was confusing.
Did I go right? Did I go left? I was losing my mind. I began to sob and sob, tears soaking my
shirt. I checked my phone; NO SERVICE. “It’s already been an hour since I left,” I whispered to
no one in particular

I couldn’t even see, my vision so blurred with tears and I began to shake fiercely. I was so
afraid, I was utterly and completely lost. I bowed my head and closed my eyes as the tears slid
off my face and began to pray “Lord please help me Lord, I’m Lost, help me find the path to my
friends, Lord please.” I didn’t realize how loud I was shouting when I opened my eyes and felt
the echo of my words, in the emptiness of everything around me. I centered myself and said,
“Lord show me the way” and with each fork in the road, I just kept saying “Lord show me the
way” I didn’t have an ounce of doubt, I trusted in him fully. Soon I felt a warmth as if he himself
was twisting the steering wheel to a certain direction.

After 2 hours of being completely lost I saw a fire burning and the welcoming sight of
Graces Subaru Outback. Thanking the Lord with whatever voice I had left, I quickly rushed out
of my car jumping into my friends arms, grasping them with all my strength. They all were
worried sick and had a couple girls drive the other car to see if I was still talking on the phone.

After everyone returned and I huddled myself into a blanket within my tent, I prayed “Dear
heavenly father thank you for this day. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to grow and
trust in you fully. I appreciate everything you have done and thank you for bringing me safely
back. Bless that my friends and I can have a safe and fun rest of the weekend. I will try my best
to alway let you lead the way, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

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The Missing Campsite

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