The Miracle Truck

The Miracle Truck

My father was an evangelist, and he would travel long distances in his vehicle to preach all around the U.S., sharing the great news of Jesus. “The Truck,” as we called it, had been very good to us for the past 10 years.

All my life we had been traveling as a family, so I was very sad when I learned that we had to stay home and rest while my dad went on the road without us.

The first few months he was away were fine, and then he came home for a while. But on his second round of trips, he started out and heard a rattling noise in the truck. He ignored it and arrived safely at his destination. But my mother urged him to take the vehicle to a truck repair place just for safety.

My father reluctantly went to the repair shop and was shocked to hear the news that he had traveled all that way without a very important engine belt!

Oh, I thought when I heard the news, crossing 300 miles of wilderness and desert! Not only that, but the meeting is going to start the next day!

The truck repair guy said he didnt know how my father’s truck still ran without a belt! But we knew. We were sure that God by His grace had kept the truck moving till my father reached safety. What a wonderful God we have!

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The Miracle Truck

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