The Midnight Texting Part 1

     It was the night of the big football game. 
     Ben: you still up?
   Ben: I just finished watching the big football game. Did you see it?
   Christian: No.
 Ben: why? 
  Christian: Because I go to church tomorrow. And I keep the Lord’s day holy
 Ben: I’ve heard about God before. I always thought he was a fairytale
Christian:No. If you want to come over tomorrow I can give you Bible studies?
Ben: okay! Would it be okay if I came with you to church to? I want to know God more.
 Christian: Sure!! lol  you would love it. Come over  to my house at 10:20 the church service starts at 11:00. My parents would love 4 you to come.
Ben: Okay. Wow we have been texting all night. It’s 1:00 we better get to bed right.
Ben:? Christian you there?
Ben: you must be a sleep. See you in the morning. Good night wink  

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The Midnight Texting Part 1

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