The Lost Candy

 Chapter 1
Hi Mandy! Oh Hello Hazel how are you doing? Good! Oh Hazel said Hadassah, my Dad got me some candy! It’s so good you can have some if you want! Um no thanks said Hazel I have to go now bye!
Ahhhh my Candy it’s gone! It is said Lillan one of Hadassahs friends, My Candy it’s gone I had put my Lunch box down to get my lunch and now it’s gone!
Three weeks went by it Hadassah did not find her candy but one day her friend Joanna came to her house to play with her!
Hi Joanna! Hi Hadassah how are you? Good! Let’s race! Okay let’s go! As they raced something fell out of Joanna’s pocket and Hadassah went over to go pick it up and….
more next week!lol

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The Lost Candy

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