The Last Chapter

This week in Guide, Sally Streib brings the story of her incredible journey to a close.

Despite my wildest imaginings, I could never have
guessed what kind of future God had planned for me. The work He gave me to do is so
exciting. “I’ve traveled to over 200
schools from Cayman Islands to Canada. My program, “Kids Can Know God,” is a great
adventure because kids love learning about God from His book of nature.

God’s plan fits me in every way. God knew how to plan a life
for me because He made me and knows my deepest dreams and desires.

I like to adventure so I go out and learn new things. God gives me plenty of new experiences to keep
learning exciting. Next I study to understand what the sea creatures I see are
trying to say to me. I take pictures and write books. Then I go to schools and
share what I have learned. Every school and each kid is new and wonderful to
me. We laugh and learn about the Creator and His sea creatures.

Sally today as she studies another sea creature

God has a future and a hope for you too. His plan will fit you perfectly. It doesn’t
matter if you have much money or opportunity right now to make your dreams come
true. He is already planning how to help
you become the person and do the work He wants for you to do. Remember this
verse found Jeremiah 29:10: “I already know the plans I have for you. I will help
you and not hurt you. I will give you a future and a hope.”

You may send me an e-mail at if you’d like. You can also order my books with great sea adventures
in them or have someone contact me about coming to your school at 1-760-695-7165.

A few if Sally’s books

Sally says, “Meet my latest friends!”

Have your teacher or leader contact Sally (see above) and your Week of Prayer or other event will be as much fun as this one!


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The Last Chapter

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