The Japanese Mystery Pt. 7 (2nd Clue)

It was April 10, 2013 and they just got out of school to check the forest and their friend, Takahiro, went with them.
“Ok, we are right where the snake was, which was right on this rock. Let’s lift up the rock.” Takahiro suggested.
They lifted the rock up and turned it over. There was no snake but there was a note with dirt on it.
“This has to be a clue.” Itsuki said knowingly.
Takahiro wiped the damp dirt off.
It read: “If the sun is out look for something shiny, but if it is night look for something glowing.”
“This is a great mystery so far. A little dangerous though. Who created it and who is the person?” Hiro asked.
“That’s why we’re solving it.” Itsuki said.
“It is easier but more dangerous at night than in the daylight. Our best chance is to do it on a weekend.” Takahiro said.
“So… want to do it now or on the weekend?” Hiro asked.
“Our best chance is on the weekend. We’ll do it Saturday night.”
“Ok. Our parents are expecting us soon. Cya!”
“Yeah. Mine too. Meet you tomorrow!”
Hehe. Yes, I promised you guys part 7. Here it is. I think while I write so it is actually done really fast. I try to make it good and interesting. No spoilers today though. Sorry. Should I put images? It might give you guys a good idea of the scenery. I try to fit in school and Guide together and I thought I should do it while they are in school as well. I mean you guys like it so far so I decided to go along with it. And if you see like a word that doesn’t make sense try to fit in the missing word, it might be a letter that didn’t go through or I thought it was spelled a different way. I just don’t want to wait the extra week and you guys can’t read it. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my stories. Byee! PS: Sometimes I use like slang words (Ex.: Cya or wanna etc.) so don’t try to mix them up.

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 7 (2nd Clue)

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