The Japanese Mystery Pt. 5(Danger? Clue? Hint?)

It was 5:27 PM and they just made it to the tree with the note on it and were wondering if there were more clues or if it leads to danger.
“Are you sure it is ok to go through here?”, Itsuki asked after a while.
“Weren’t you the one who got you and your brother out of your house to do this?”, Takahiro shot back.
“Well I didn’t even know this was a gigantic forest like this.”
“We need to make landmarks so we can find our way back and ones we can find.”, Hiroaki said commandingly.
“Hiro the Commander.”, Itsuki said teasingly.
“Itsuki the Small.”, Hiroaki banged his fist against Itsuki’s head hard enough to get him to stop.
“Ok. Ok..”
“We.. wait stop!”, Takahiro yelled.
“Oh my… that’s a mamushi. A poisonous snake and one of the worst in Japan, one not to be messed with. Step back slowly and no sudden movements.” Hiroaki said with fear in his eyes.
Everyone looked at each other so slowly like in slow motion. Everyone saw fear in each others eyes. They stared as the snake which obviously saw them. The snake stared into the boys’ eyes, coiled and ready to strike. And then.. the snake… it.. was.. small!
“Shh.. no sounds. That is the biggest of its kind. Two and a half feet at least.” Takahiro said in awe and fear.
“Ahhhh!” Itsuki screamed because he couldn’t keep the fright in anymore.
The snake struck at Itsuki and Itsuki yelled again but now out of pain.
Yikes! Not a good way to start of the series with this! Yes and surprise! I made 3 stories in 1 week! This is only going to happen like 2-5 times in the whole series so look out for these. And if you guys were wondering… Itsuki doesn’t die. At least not yet.. but not of the snake bite. So they all escape the forest. And you’ll see what happens in part 6 which will be posted next week. I really put some time and effort into these stories so please read them for my sake. See you guys!

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 5(Danger? Clue? Hint?)

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