The Japanese Mystery Pt.4(Shock)

It was 4:30 PM and their plan worked! They finally made it to their friend’s house.
“Yes! Finally we’re out of our house. I was nervous that we’d be there for the rest of the day.”, Itsuki finally calmed down a bit.
“Hmm.. do you think they actually trusted us or do you think they’ll follow us?”, Hiroaki was still in thought.
“I don’t know”, Itsuki shook his head.
“Well they might. Be on the lookout for them would you?”
“Ok.. are you sure we should bring him?”
They ring the doorbell and the door opens.
“Hey Takahiro. Want to step outside for a sec?” Hiroaki says.
“Sure. Watcha want, Hiro?”
“We found something and want you to come with us to see what it is.”
“Sure, I’ll go. What is it?”
“A note on a tree.”
“What does it say?”
“You’ll see soon.”
“Is it far?”
“Only cause we’re taking the long way it is. Cause our parents.”
“Ah, I see. So you guys thought of a plan, which I suppose Suki thought of it first didn’t he, and it worked? Am I right?”
“Yeah. How’d you know?”, said Itsuki.
“Well, it shouldn’t take long for you to know. We’ve been with each other long enough.”
“Ok, we’re here.”, said Itsuki.
Surprise! I made this to surprise you guys with 2 parts in 1 week. I hope you guys like it so far. It will get more and more interesting and please read this part in every part of these stories cause they are very important and will tell you guys what I’m going to be doing and I’ll give surprises like these every now and then. This is also like the only way I can communicate to you guys in the Talent Showcase. So we’ll keep in touch. See you! PS: I know I ended the same way twice but it won’t happen again. Remember you guys decide if you want it to be shorter or longer just tell me in the discussion forum like I said in part 3, just go back to it and you’ll see it. I think you guys should tell me as well if you want it to be a lot of talking like this or… mmm.. well we’ll see. See ya!

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The Japanese Mystery Pt.4(Shock)

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