The Japanese Mystery Pt. 13 (Comprehension)

It was Friday, April 19, 2013, and Hiroaki was in his room looking up at the ceiling.
“Uhhh….. why did we feel like that? Wasn’t it for us?”, Hiroaki pondered silently so only he and Itsuki could hear.
“I don’t know. Maybe it was for a friend of his or her?”, Itsuki whispered back.
“It is a possibility.. but… what if it was for anyone?”, asked Hiroaki speaking more to himself than to Itsuki.
“I don’t know… let’s just go continue the mystery and see where we end up.”, Itsuki responded.
“Ok.”, Hiroaki sat up.
“I’m ready. Just waiting on you.”, Itsuki told his brother.
“Ok. Be right there.”, Hiroaki said.
They were ready and started walking toward the shelter they went yesterday.
“Another note. It reads: Congrats! Go climb the tree, that the map behind the shelter, and that matches the zahyō*.”, Itsuki read.
They went behind the shelter and found the map.
X: 6 * 9 / 2^6
Y: 34(-3)^2.5
“Woah! That’s hard math we’ll figure it out at home. We can ask our ryōshin.”, Hiroaki said.
This one is longer, the next one will be longer though. Hope you enjoyed it. Try to figure out the math. If you need to use a calculator go ahead. It would be more fun to figure it out. Post the answer in the discussion forum in My Story. I really hope you like it. Bye!
*Zahyō means coordinates.
*Ryōshin means parents.

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The Japanese Mystery Pt. 13 (Comprehension)

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