The Girl God Rescued, Bonus 9

Rescued Again

Here is more bonus material for the continued story in this week’s Guide.

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You might have been surprised to realize that, not long after God saved my life during my stay at Juvenile Hall, He chose to rescue me again. This time I
got myself into big trouble. The difference, for me, was that I had learned something important. Like a shaft of light piercing the night reef,
understanding had blazed a path in my mind. I understood that God can rescue and help even if the cause of the trouble is disobedience or carelessness. I
also learned that I will probably suffer even if I am rescued. Knowing this became a big thing to me.

Light is a big thing to me as a diver. A light might not make the difference between life and death, but it will determine if I get to enjoy a dive, learn
anything or discover what’s around me. It certainly helps me find my way back to shore or the boat.

I found that carrying a light during the day made it possible to see much more of the colors of sea fans, sponges and just about everything. You can see,
in the clips I’ve chosen, that I am fiddling with a new light on a morning dive. I wanted to make sure I could operate it quickly at night.

I started out with a nice-looking, but small light. I soon found that it did little to help me see the colors in the reef.

Next, I bought a much larger
light, the UK400. I kept researching lights until I knew which ones made a broad, strong beam in the darkness. One of my dive buddies, Clyde, actually
built his own light. It hooked to a big battery at his waist. You can see him using it in the clips.

Morning diving suits me best because I can see the colorful creatures in the sun-drenched reef. However, night and wall diving provides a certain excitement
and opportunity to see different creatures. On my first wall dive, Clyde directed me over the sunny reef and down the slope of the reef as it dipped deeper
into the sea. Suddenly we “flew” right off the end of the reef and out over the abyss.

I’ll never forget feeling like a speck in a gigantic expanse of dark water. I also felt like a star in the night sky. I drew in a deep breath and swirled
around facing the “world.” Some light seeped down to the deep reef, but no light touched the abyss below. My heart pumped hard and fast and I tried to calm
myself. Being calm is an important part of dive safety. And, I felt glad when it came time to return to the sunny reef.

All the way back across the reef and over the sandy plain toward shore, I determined to go back to the wall in spite of the gloomy, semi-darkness that hung
over it. After all, I had plenty of dive lights to help me discover new things.

Having Jesus, the “Light of the World” with you everywhere you go is even more important than many UK400 dive lights. He certainly helps you “see” and
understand important truths that help your journey in life to be a great adventure, and He knows how to rescue you more than once as He did me.

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The Girl God Rescued, Bonus 9

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