The Freedom Ball

The freedom ball
He was a slave in his masters house cleaning the masters boys room
He lifts up a ball to clean under it when it rolls out of his hand
It rolls down the stairs so he runs after it to catch it
It rolls into the kitchen and out the door
It rolls right passed the cotton field and into the woods
Then it stops
The slave boy is relieved to see it stop
He catches his breath then leans down to pick it up
Before he can pick it up it starts rolling again
For the next five hours it rolls in the woods finally it stops at another plantation
Some slaves were interested in the ball
So they came to follow along
The ball rolled out of the state and stops at South Carolina
The slaves and crowd behind a bush
Early in the morning the ball starts rolling again
The wake up and follow it
The slave boy thinks the ball will never stop
He thinks that they will be caught
Nine long weeks and 63 days
The ball stops at every plantation
They collect more people
The slave boy thinks
More people the better chance to be caught
The ball rolls across a line then stops the slaves look up
And they see Welcome To Pennsylvania
They rejoice with happiness
That ball had led them to freedom
The ball was ugly white and black with many stripes
But this ugly ball had a beautiful  destiny
Leading more than 5,000 people to freedom
This ugly ball went back and forth bringing more slaves to freedom.
This is the story of the freedom ball.

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The Freedom Ball

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