The Disaster Part 2 of Pete’s adventure By Tayla

Pete’s Adventure:
The Disaster part 2.
Pete looked at the car then back at his Dad, “Dad! believe me! i didn’t do it!” he said. “Who did this then?!” Pete’s dad shouted angrily, “I really don’t know Dad!” Pete said. “Dad answered “Son! you better not be lying!” “Dad, i’m very very sure it wasn’t me, it could of been, ummm….i don’t know, someone”. Pete’s mum came outside then looked at the car. “Pete! did you do this?” Said his mum. “No mum, i’m going to discover who did that, can i?” “Dad answered, ” maybe….If you find the person, or who ever scracthed my car, you will be rewarded with lots of food and a ride on my boat”. “Wow dad thankyou!” said Pete. Pete went up to his room and thought about what he would need for to track down the person or animal who scratched the car, he doubted that he would ever find that person, he really doubted he would find the animal but he reminded himself that he would get the best reward he has ever had before. So he made a plan that he would look in the jungle, houses of people, and the seaside. 
 Part 3 later or tomorrow love

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The Disaster Part 2 of Pete’s adventure By Tayla

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