The Beggining,Birth,Life,Betrayal,Death,Reserection,and assention of Jesus

ok I know this needs some work but here is part 1 please tell me where it needs some work
and I am sorry for my spelling and run on sentiences I hope you live through it and enjoy
Once a long time ago in the small town of Nazareth there lived a beautiful young girl about 16 named Mary.
One day Mary’s mom set her on an errand to the market place.
 “Mary, Mary,” called here mother “oh where is that girl when I need her. Mary come here at once”
“Yes mother sorry mother I was out in the garden and didn’t here you call the first time I am sorry.” apoligised Mary “oh what by the way did you want?” she asked
“Mary I want you to go to the market and pick up a few things here is the list and a few silver coins”
Clink Clink Crinkle Crinkle , went the coins and parchment in Mary’s hand as she walked along to the market.
she looked down at the list which read:
and Honey
As Mary walked along she took everything down in mental notes. The dust that touched her feet tickled, the roasted lamb smelled delicious, the noise was a bit overwhelming, and the sight of all the food along with the smell of the lamb mad her so hungry. Finally she arrived at the market first she got the  figs honey, and grapes from the fruit stand, then she got the wheat from the grain stand.
When she finished her errand she walked along with her eyes closed.Suddenly she bumped into something or someone!
To Be Continued

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The Beggining,Birth,Life,Betrayal,Death,Reserection,and assention of Jesus

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