The awaited chapter

Hello here is the long awaited chapter your author was busy and got sick again (yay) but enough chit chat to the story -> 
4 months later
“Jisso !” I heard Ji woo  call me . “Yes?” I replied “Umm I don’t know how to say this but , I have to quit skating and I have to find a job and I auditioned for a music company so… yeah” I was shocked because his father was a employee in a famous company “Why?” I asked suspiciously “My dad he umm… got fired for a accusation that wasn’t true” I felt bad for him and I realized that I wasn’t the only one going through a hard time “I am sad, but I support you , am glad you told me, I have to go see you later ok?” “Ok thanks for listening”  “np” . I went out of the skating rink and walked home the long way and sat on the bridge that I crossed every day now that I moved to Korea and thought about the last hard months……
(ok you are very confused right now so here is what happened a few months ago before) I had just won 1st at the ISU (btw non figure skater fans or if you don’t know it’s the “passing test” to see who goes to the Olympics) and I was going home happily since the Whitlocks have not been able to go because of their work . I walked in the house after getting a ride from my coach ( they get along really well ) when I noticed that the Whitlock’s were all sitting in the living room and my brother was very serious. “Is something wrong?” I asked “Yes Mr.Whitlock explain “You see…” . Long story short they were no longer able to take care of us because I had to go train in Korea and my brother was not taking skating as a career but he was taking up being a CEO . So now we were to leave the beloved Whitlocks and live with some random people in South Korea , I was leaving my friends and school and quitting basketball ( btw the about the basketball game she sprained her ankle but she good now ) And the worst part was that we didn’t know . “I understand thank you , I will go pack” I said as I ran to my room and sadly for me I have been taught not to cry . I packed up my things and got ready because we were to leave tomorrow morning.
( I know this is all happening so fast but I need to get to the main point so try to keep up !)
I woke up confused why everything was packed up then I remembered everything, my friend has quit skating , my brother partly too , am going to Korea, am going to the Olympics, and am leaving the Whitlocks . Great . We got to the airport bid our goodbyes and  boarded our flights and got to Korea . We arrived to our “new home” . We knocked on the door and a young couple opened the door . “Hello this is Kim Jisso and  Kim Jungwon (btw Caleb’s Korean name, yes they might sound familiar) and she went on basically telling our life story and I was a Olympic figure skater and Jungwon a future CEO and yeah you get it . We stepped in a luxurious house and they lead me to my new room and boy , was it huge ! I unpacked my stuff and decorated my room like I have done many times and I felt like we were gonna last longer here.
                     End of flashback
I realized that it was 2 a.m. and quickly was running back home or else I was going to be in big trouble with all these thoughts running through my head I wasn’t looking were I was going and then I bumped into something . Sorry someone . “Am so sorry!” I apologized scared if the person was angry at me . I looked up and fell back down in shocked . Someone I thought I would never meet .

Yuzuru pov

I was walking back home from practice when I felt someone bump into me . I turned to look who it was and I was shocked.

(Btw he (Yuzuru) is a real person he is a 2 time Olympic gold medalist and he is very famous in his sport with Nathan Chen another strong skater and he is my favorite Olympian hehehe but 2022 Winter Olympics was his last games so he is basically retired  :’( you will seeing him a lot.)

btw thanks for reading this mixed story and it will be a lot clearer next time which might be soon ! Bye

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The awaited chapter

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