taking His death for GRANTED

You know what I think? As a Child of God, I think it is important for me to be close to my Savior. He’s mine forever. I’m His Bride and His Daughter at the same time. He’s my Daddy and my Husband at the same time. This is why I love Him: because He has given me life through His death. My Daddy died for me. My Husband died to save me. That’s one amazing Husband and one amazing Father. I love Him, and He loves me. How I know is because He was WILLING to die for me. How I know is He WANTED to die for me. How I know is He LEFT ALL HIS GLORY for me. Little me. The “me” who sins, who is not pure, is not perfect, is not holy. The “me” who is clumsy, foolish, and can be dumb.
So as a Child of God, and all of us as Children of God, I believe we can overcome our fears and our problems. We should ask God to give us the mountain we are facing because with Him we can “do all things”.
I believe we should listen to God through music. Listen to the song “Awake My Soul” by Chris Tomlin. I listened to it three or more times in a row. It is touching, or rather awakening.
I believe through all we do, see, touch, hear, and think we should do what is right and what Jesus would do. I do not care about the outside. I want to be pure and holy. I want to be cleansed. I want to be new. I want to prove to the world I am like Jesus and that YOU can be like Him too. I want to be more like Him. I want to be PURE, LOVELY, ADMIRABLE, JUST, RIGHT, HOLY, and JUST LIKE HIM.
And after I accomplish this, I want to STAY that way and BE A SHINING LIGHT TO THOSE WHO COULD BE BETTER. I want to be an EXAMPLE. A LEADER. Not a follower like the rest of the world. Not like on Facebook. I want to be INDIVIDUAL.

someone say AMEN!!!!!!!!!
(caps are not shouting. they are powerful points)

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taking His death for GRANTED

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