Stomp and Chomp the dangerous robots!!!(Prolog)

Stomp and Chomp the very dangerous robots!!!
“Chomp chomp, Stomp stomp, goes Stomp and Chomp. Throwing metal beams and stomping on them, chomping old boxes and ripping them to pieces (Chomp is the father robot and Stomp is the baby robot) they may be small but the are very dangerous. They are square and have springs coming out of there ears, the stomp, chomp, rip and throw things and they are a danger to the earth they throw metal beams and block pathways!!!
Will they find a way out of earth back to planet Mars and before they destroyed the earth?
I am still learning about punctuations so please tell me if I have the punctuations right. Thank you.

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Stomp and Chomp the dangerous robots!!!(Prolog)

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