The mysteries of the universe stretch out into the heavens. Sometimes I
imagine that I’m on one of those amusement park rides that spins around
really fast and keeps you stuck to the wall. I’ll lie flat out on the
ground and look up into the night sky. My back pressed to the wall of dirt
on a spinning sphere flying through endless space.

The more we learn about the universe around us the more God amazes me. When
we look into the night sky we see the past and present all at once. Bats
zip by grabbing mosquitoes and the fluffy clouds drift over head, and
beyond that the starlight twinkles. The starlight reaching our eyes started
its journey way before we were even born!

Crack open your Pathfinder Honor book or go online to:

and check out the Stars Honor. Think about the God of the Universe. The God
that set up the vastness and beauty of heavens. I can’t wait until the day
comes when I can explore them.

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