This is actually a song that I’m writing. It’s about Gods amazing creation of space, and even way out there you don’t need to be afraid because no matter where you are, God is with you.
In the starry night stargazing,
I realize it’s so amazing
That Jesus Christ my LORD above 
Would make such a world I dearly love.
Tons of worlds I’d like to fly through,
Don’t know how but I’d sure like to
Build a spaceship go up high,
Fly through starry midnight skies.
Me and my spaceship all alone,
So natural it feels like home.
Flying through the icy blackness of space,
It’s such an amazing peaceful place.
Me and my spaceship.
Flying through the icy night,
Stars and planets gleaming bright,
There goes Saturn, there goes Mars,
There’s the sun and other stars.
What I thought was an empty night sky
Is so much different when I go up high.
The Milky Way is so appealing,
In this way Jesus’ creation is revealing.
I start to feel homesick, lonely
So I head towards the earth below me.
Scary thoughts creep in my mind,
Then there’s something that I find-
It’s my Bible on the floor
I feel Him knocking at my door.
There was something I hadn’t realized-
He’s always watching me with his own eyes.
(new chorus)
So me and my spaceship aren’t alone.
It’s natural and feels like home,
He’s with me even in the blackness of space, 
He’s made such an amazing, peaceful place.
He is my SpaceShip.

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