Sister love episode 4

Episode 4 Sister love razz

Cindy clapped her hands.  Lisa smiled at her and hugged her. Then looked at Melody,
 ” Would you like to pray with me? ” She asked with a smile. ” Sure. ” Melody agreed. So the friends prayed. ” Dear Lord. I am sorry for being mean to my sister please tell her that I am crying for her to be my sweet little sister again. And I love her, like I love Ricky, Cindy, Mom, Dad, and Melody. I know she is your child and we are your children. Help us all to be kind to one another as you have and IS loving us. Thank you for being my Lord in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. ” When Lisa looked up As soon as Lisa finished the prayer Cindy said, “Amen.” Melody and Lisa looked at each other. “Did you hear that!” Melody asked. “Awww! That was soooooo cute!!!” Then she turned to Melody. “That is her first word she ever said!”

Now it’s me and you. I know artlover43 it’s short but it’s a sweet ending.smiley Please if you like this post, post a thumbs up and/or add a comment. Let me know how I’m doing. Thankies!!!grin

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Sister love episode 4

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