Sister love episode 2

Helloooo again!lol This is episode 2 of Sister love. After you’re done reading this story go down to “Now it’s me and you talk” Happy reading!
 When she reached her room Polly said, ” What did she say? ” Lisa looked at her angrily. “Get out of here! ” She shouted. Polly walked out. Lisa collapsed on her bed and groaned. After some minutes Mom shouted ‘Bye!’ And closed the door. Usually Polly and Lisa fought. Lisa couldn’t stand having a little sister. Right then Cindy cried. Lisa got up and went into Cindy’s bedroom. ” Cin -” Before she could finish saying Cindy. She smelled something horrible. And knew what it was. She changed Cindy’s diaper, washed her hands, and fixed something for Cindy and herself. Just as she was getting the applesauce ready, the doorbell rang. ” Hi Melody. You may come in. ” She let her friend in. “Thank you Lisa. ” She noticed it was quiet. “Where’s Polly?” She asked. ” Out with Mom to the zoo. ” Melody sat down on one of the chairs. ” I see. You, your dad and Cindy is the only one here?” “No, me and Cindy are here. My dad gets home at 8:00. I’m making something to eat for both of us now. Would you like some? ” She asked Melody. “What is it?” “Just applesauce and P B & Js. Want some? ” “Sure.” Lisa fixed them sand-wiches and applesauce. And put it on the table. She went to Cindy’s room and picked her up from the crib. “Sissy, Sissssssssy!”
Now, it’s me and you So is it getting weird, gross, awesome, funny, normal, or all of them at the same time???yell I’d like to hear from you. wink Are you SURE you want to see the next one?eek  If you can, please post your comments on whatever! Don’t slip away and watch TV! Episode 3 Is coming up next….. I can’t wait myself!! God bless! smiley

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Sister love episode 2

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